Friday, January 6, 2012

the first steps!

First iPhone post!!

Snapped these today when I went home for lunch and ventured into the art room for a look around at just how to approach what has become the "if you don't know what to do with it put it here room" for the last 3 months.

Or whenever it was that I finally reclaimed my living room and moved that behemoth drawing table back in there.

Will keep ya updated on the progress. If i dont get lost never to br heard from again! :-)

No really, kinda scared!

Will also be taking down Christmas. That always makes me a little sad.
Does it make you feel sad too?

Oh, and if you think this is bad, you should see the studio!!
Good lord, its awful! Hard to believe I used to spend like 80 hrs a week there!

But...emerging has to start somewhere, right?? :-)

Happy weekend to you! Mine sounds super exciting, no? :-))
far right corner
right side as you walk in from the hall...the door you see up there to the right....
the desk...sorry so blurry!
the room from the doorway
my drawing table

Thursday, January 5, 2012

craving some living greenery in my world...

...of course, these also look like fun projects to me...feelin' the need to get my hands in the dirt again!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


january 3, 2012.  january 3, 2012?  really??

wow.  where did the year go?  i mean, really...i'm trying to figure that out!

but, ok....the new year is here, so full of possibilities, that lovely clean slate and brand new calendar of days stretching out where everything seems possible...i'm so looking forward to it!

i really have so many ideas and plans and creativity busting at the seams to get out it's all i can do to sit at this office and NOT have my hands in the paint, throwing fabric down, and mess-making along with some great music.

i want to revamp this site, turn it into a .com and add in some new cool fun pictures and tabs and stuff.

i want to revamp the etsy shop.  out with the old and in with the new!

i can feel the energy of the year swirling all around already, and i'm ready.  i'm ready to emerge into my new and wonderful creative life.  the life that has been waiting for me to step into it for nearly (ahem!) 40 years!

no idea how i'm going to do all this.  no idea what i'm stepping into.  but i'm done trying to figure it out before taking a single step.  i'm just gonna start steppin' baby step at a time!

beyond ready to EMERGE.  my word for the year.  what's yours?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tommy kane

oh, my poor little neglected blog!  feels like i am finally getting some balance over here, though...lots of changes happening, but for the good...finally!  :~)   lots and lots to share but just wanted to start fresh here, again, with something fun and entertaining...hope you enjoy this as much as i did!  his talent and process is so inspiring!

Red Hook - a film about Tommy Kane from DannyGregory on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

pretty blogs and a really great book!

i am a creature of habit.  aren't we all?  maybe some more than others...and i am definitely in that more category.  i like knowing what to expect.  i just do.  for instance...for quite some time now my morning work routine has been check the boss's e-mail, (he doesn't "do" computers) then,  i go herehere, (i totally want her to redesign my site for hers so much), here and here to get a few little doses of pretty inspiration before the phone starts ringing off the wall and the typing of legal briefs becomes my day.

and although these lovelies don't post every single day, they are my newest obsessions probably every other day or so....find them here and here....

it really does help.  a lot.  and if it's a particularly swoon-worthy image i will of course pin it.

i've also been reading again for the first time in a long time....why not in a long time you ask?  well, i'm one of those people who cannot put a good book down for anything.  meaning NOTHING gets done while i'm reading. and since i went from working mom with toddler to owning my own business to single working mom just now coming out of a two-year survival mode and beginning to look around and figure out what it is i want for MY life beyond just being able to keep the electricity on and the mortgage paid, i read a book!! phew!  what a sentence!

but should check it out...soooo good!!  really got me thinking too...but more on that later...:~)  hope you're all having a wonderful day!  after tomorrow i'm on vacation for 10 whole days!  yay!!!!  (and i plan to read...alot!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

a question....or five...:-)

i wonder why some days feel so good, so alive, so like you never want them to end, and some feel so bad, so so yucky, so like you wanna crawl back under the covers and someone just wake me when it's over? 

and why does it always seem like there is a stretch of sorda ok, nothing extraordinary good or bad days and then BOOM!  a high and a low back to back?  (sometimes even back to back to back...)  i mean, is it some sort of test?  a test to see how resilient you are?  how much you can stretch and "roll with it"?

cause honey, i'm here to tell ya', today feels like i'm gonna snap right in two!  and of course, it's the longest day of the year...for!  sigh. 

ok.  must practice letting go.  again.  and again, i'm sure. 

i know i am a child of the Living God and He is bigger and stronger and more powerful than any problem i could possibly face that feels so big and overwhelming.  or any of them that seem to come in bunches lately.

and of course, as a wonderful friend pointed out, i do have a tendency to take on other people's stuff too.  and she's right.  i do.  learning to just be there, and pray, and stand when they cannot. 

yeah, harder than it sounds.

heard this song this morning and it usually brings my thoughts to me, (i have felt this way so much of my life) but this morning it brought my thoughts to the one i love and all that he is going through.
all i knew to do was send him the words.  (thank God for e-mail!) and hope it brought him some peace and comfort.  how do you not let the hurting heart of someone you love affect you??  how do you not hurt with them?  how do you let someone know you're there for them without being intrusive? do you?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Think We're Gonna Call it Amy-Rose....

Almost a month since I’ve blogged?? How can that be??  Oh, has been full and good and I’ve been out living I’ll try to catch you up a little...and try to do better here, too! :~)

Well, let’s most recent news, my mom and I decided, on a whim last week to go into business together!  So funny how it happened...we went to lunch and as usually happens almost instantly homed in on the things that were a little “off” with each my mom!

I was feeling particularly unsettled that day....feeling like I am twiddling my thumbs and wasting my talents at my day job (legal assistant), and my boyfriend was going through something that I was trying not to take personally and yet still support him in any way that I could, but he wasn’t letting me in.  Really just feeling kinda yucky about my life right then.

So we talk and talk and by the time she drops me back at work I feel a little lighter and a lot stronger somehow.  Really, I just let it all go.  God knows what he’s doing and my pity party attitude was doing nothing but stopping the flow.  So I let it all go.  Yes I did.

And I swear it wasn’t an hour before I had a thought drop into me from out of nowhere (uh-huh...) to call a great up and coming consignment shop here in town to see if they had any booth space available.  So I did.  And yes they did!  And the owner was so sweet and enthusiastic and patient with my apparent lack of what in the world I thought I wanted it for!

So I went and saw it...perfect!!  And then the creative sparks flying around my head were almost impossible to capture on paper!  My kind of bliss, right there!  So I call mom and she is on it like, as we say here in the south, “white on rice”!  And before I know it she is out and about at estate sales and garage sales with little more than color and style guidance from me for the vision I am seeing and hitting it out of the park with every purchase!!!

So Saturday we end up spending hours in the stifling heat of a dusty old barn, a part of a rather quirky estate sale going on right outside of town...and filling my dad’s truck to capacity with all manner of treasures!  We seriously looked like the Clampetts headin’ home! 

But, man oh man, was that fun!! 

Hoping to start getting set up this weekend....I’ll post photos soon!  My only regret was not getting one of the truck loaded down with all that rusty peely-paint treasure sticking out from every angle!  It was a hoot! 

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

More soon!


p.s. Rose is my mom's middle name....:~)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

where i live and what i'm doing...

so there's been lots and lots of porch-sittin' lately.   (lately?  why did i just type that?  always.  i friggin live out here!)
it's my favorite spot.  and the indent in the cushion in the right hand corner of the couch gives it away.  well, that and the glass of wine close by.  and the phone.  and the wasp spray.  what??
a girl's gotta be prepared!

this is where i ponder life. (and drink, and talk on the phone, and entertain all guests, but i digress...)
this is where i have a bird's-eye view of everything and everyone coming and going from both the house and the street.

lots of people out walking dogs.
little dogs.
the same grey schnauzer every day.  the owner looks a lot like him.
the couple who walk, or better yet lope along with their st. bernard.  all i can think when i see him is
1.  where is his little barrel of water dangling from his collar under his chin, and
2.  i wish i could sleep with just his fluffy and soft looking!

i can also keep an eye on the garden from here.
it is such a mess of overgrown weeds from two years of benign neglect.  but since i have been keeping my favorite burpee tomatoes alive in the sink now for over two weeks i think it's time to get serious about getting it cleaned up and stuff in the ground!

not sure about the rules regarding moving gladiolus or asparagus this time of year, but it's got to be done.  they are taking over, and the plot is just not big enough for everyone!

moved the big lavender plant yesterday.  my back hurts today.  but tonight the plan is the oregano in three clumps, the chives, lemon balm, and sage.  and since i let the fire ants get the better of me last night in my flip flops, tonight i'll be sporting my black and white polka dot rubber boots.  if you're in the area, i'm sure it'll be good for a laugh.  just don't let me catch ya, cause you know i'll put ya to work!  (with no regard to proper footwear...i'm just sayin'...:~)

Monday, May 2, 2011

pinterest love

i have a new obsession.  and apparently i'm no the only one.  this, my friends, is a collector's dream.

go.  check it out.  but don't say i didn't warn you!  :~)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


on her 7th birthday a couple months ago, "so how does it feel, mom?" 

me, "how does what feel, baby?"

her, "you know, now that i'm all grown up...?"

me, laughing too hard to speak.